Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Is you accountant, solicitor or financial advisor ripping you off?

There are as many rogues out there with white collars as blue.

A plumber may flood your house.
An electrician may give you a shock (it may kill you but at least the family get the insurance!)
Accountants, solicitors and financial advisers can make you wish that you had been electrocuted.

A life that is financially wrecked will destroy your peace of mind. Can alienate your family. Bring on alchoholism, drug abuse or suicide.

With everyone reporting to their experiences of professionals and tradesman we can make life difficult for the rogues and incompetents.

Get your report in now: report the bad they need to be driven out of busienss and very importantly cpass on compliments about the good.

Get it done now before you forget!

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Overcoming public apathy

Are we in the UK too polite to complain?

Chatting to my mate Jeremy, he lurches off on a tirade about a company called BIP Solutions from Glasgow. They apparently promise to supply qualified lists of contacts who are placing procurement contracts.

The thing with BIP is that they seem to indulge in shady marketing and advertising ploys to get companies to unwittingly sign up for their services.

The potential customer thinks he is getting a free trial and without reading ticks the terms and conditions box. This actually commits the signer to significant expense.

But to my point, Jeremy is really but really annoyed that he has received a threat of court action if he does not settle a bill of 900.00. He consdiered settling it, just to avoid the waste of time fighting it.

Jeremy has now made a posting about BIP on and has decided, after some persuasion, to put up a fight. Like the banks with their overcharging, many large firms think that they can use their apparent muscle to bully people into paying up on unjustified bills.

We are all customers, by reporting companies who try to bully us to we can make life that little bit more difficult.

Compliments, and complaints are equally important. We need to know who is trustworthy and deserves support and who are the rogues.

If we don't compliment and complain, who have we to blame but ourselves when the cheats prosper and the honest guys disappear?

Friday, 18 May 2007

Put your opinions online is a great place to put feedback on ANY business/ trade/ professional. Whether it a man and van service or a lawyer. The great thing is even if it is just a one man band operating on a mobile phone you can post a complaint or a compliment.